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Ancient Penwith
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End peninsula
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See the maps of ancient West Penwith

Map of Penwith
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Here is the full range of maps. The main map is comprehensive and is the most up-to-date map, while the other maps feature aspects of the information on the main map.
One of The Pipers
One of the Pipers, near the Merry MaidensThis is the main map:

These maps show different aspects and breakdowns of the main map:
Alignments within the Scillies and leading to the islands from the mainland
Ancient sites of the Land's End Peninsula, without alignments
The major geomantic framework of alignments in West Penwith
The main local alignments of Penwith
All alignments leading to and through stone circles and stone circle complexes in Penwith
Alignments involving the quoits (cromlechs or dolmens) in northern Penwith

Viewing tips for Google Maps:
  • to zoom in or out, move your mouse wheel by one or two notches, forwards for zooming in.
  • where you place your cursor on the map determines where you zoom in to.
  • click any site or alignment to get an info-popup, giving further information.
  • open the map key to find out about the symbols used on the maps.

Map of Ancient Penwith:
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