See the Maps of Ancient West Cornwall - Ancient Penwith | Cornwall

West Penwith, Cornwall
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End peninsula
Ancient Penwith
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End Peninsula
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See the Maps of Ancient West Cornwall

Maps of Ancient West Cornwall

West Penwith, Scilly, Kerrier and the Lizard

Here are two kinds of maps of each area. One shows ancient sites and the other shows alignments between those sites.

Lower down, other maps highlight specific matters of interest.

Each map can be downloaded as an image or it can be seen on Google Maps.

This is a work in progress, and maps are subject to change and improvement. The most up to date versions are on Google Maps.

Pros and cons of Google Maps and Images:
  • Google Maps allow you to zoom in close, accessing information about each ancient site or tracking alignments in detail. But some people find it difficult navigating around these maps. They are always the most up-to-date maps.
  • Image maps are easier to navigate around, you can keep them and they give you an overview of an area, but they give less information and detail. They are renewed roughly every two years, so gradually they go out of date.

All maps open in a new window.
Clicking a map picture below will take you to its Google Maps version.
West Cornwall
Ancient Sites of West Cornwall
Useful for seeing the differing distributions of ancient sites across West Penwith, Kerrier and the Lizard.
Alignments in West Cornwall
Showing alignments crossing different areas and how they affect the locations of ancient sites in West Cornwall.
West Penwith
Ancient Sites of West Penwith
Prehistoric sites in the most complex, multi-period part of West Cornwall at the far end of the southwest peninsula.
Alignments in West Penwith
Alignments found by researchers over time, showing how Penwith acts as an integrated landscape system.
Isles of Scilly
Ancient Sites of the Isles of Scilly
Map of Scilly's prehistoric sites - mainly cairns and menhirs - and its remarkable and unique cairnfields.
Alignments on the Isles of Scilly
Showing alignments within the islands - including many near-parallel alignments - and incoming from the mainland.
Kerrier and the Lizard
Ancient Sites of Kerrier & the Lizard
Two neighbouring areas, mainly occupied by bronze age barrows, yet very different from each other too.
Alignments in Kerrier and the Lizard
Ancient site alignments spanning this in-between region lying between Penwith and Bodmin Moor
The Lizard peninsula
Ancient Sites on the Lizard peninsula
The Lizard is dense with bronze age barrows, together with a number of menhirs, cliff sanctuaries and other sites.
Alignments on the Lizard peninsula
The Lizard's site locations seem not to be greatly determined by alignments except for its menhirs
West Cornwall and Scilly
Ancient Sites in West Cornwall and Scilly
An overview of the ancient sites of the whole area.
Alignments across West Cornwall and Scilly
An overview of alignments in the whole region
Specific Matters of Interest
Backbone Alignments in W Cornwall & Scilly
Backbone & long-distance alignments crossing the region
Radial Alignments through Carn Brea
Radials involving cliff sanctuaries, Carn Brea and other sites
Parallel Alignments in West Cornwall
Mysterious near-parallel alignments at azimuth 118-124°
Local Alignments in West Cornwall
Shorter-distance local alignments
Quoit Alignments in West Penwith
Alignments passing through and between quoits.
Stone Circle Alignments in West Penwith
Alignments passing through stone circles
Map Key and Notes
Ancient Sites
Stone circles
Quoits (dolmens)
Menhirs (existing)
Menhirs (queried or gone)
Stone Rows
Stone Rows
Neolithic Tor Enclosures
Hill Forts
Hill Camps (hillforts)
Hill Enclosures
Hill Enclosures (ceremonial)
Cliff Castles
Cliff Sanctuaries (cliff castles)
Prominent Headlands
Carns (outcrops & tors)
Wells and Springs
Wells & Springs
Prehistoric Settlements
(bronze and iron ages)
Early Churches
Early Churches
Christian Crosses
Early & Medieval Crosses
Holed Stones
Placed Stones
Oriented Stones
Natural Rocks & Outcrops
Chambered Cairns
Cairns Barrows and Tumuli
Neolithic Long Barrows
Neolithic Long Barrows

Backbone alignments
(involving neolithic tors & cliff sanctuaries)

Other long-distance alignments
crossing the region

Main local alignments
Lesser local alignments

Penwith quoit alignments &
Lizard barrow alignments

Alignments on Scilly and
on the Lamorna plateau

Stone circle radials and
near-parallel alignments in Scilly

Regional & international alignments
(eg. Michael & Apollo Lines)

Orientations of double menhirs
Viewing tips for Google Maps:

  • to zoom in or out, move your mouse wheel by just 1-2 notches, forward for zooming in, back for zooming out.
  • where you place your cursor on the map determines where you zoom in to.
  • click, hold and drag the map to move around it.
  • click any site or alignment to get further information about it.
  • should you need it, click here for a separate map key.

All alignments are accurate to within three metres (five metres in a few cases). In most cases they contain four or more points (with a few exceptions), accurately aligned.

All alignments have been triple-checked. If you find errors or have amendments or something to add, get in touch!

When an alignment passes near a significant site but more than five metres from it, the site is noted in parentheses in the alignment notes on the map, but it is not counted as a validating point on the alignment.
The maps were researched by trawling the Pastscape, Historic England, Heritage Gateway and Cornwall Council online resources, the Megalithic Portal and Modern Antiquarian sites, Meyn Mamvro, CASPN, the Cornish Ancient and Holy Wells map, and personal communications, books and other sources.

All locations are exactly positioned. Sometimes judgement had to be applied to reconcile differences in information given on the resource sites above, and to correct map references and other details.
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