List of Sites and Alignments on the Scillies - Ancient Penwith | Cornwall

West Penwith, Cornwall
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End peninsula
Ancient Penwith
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End Peninsula
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List of Sites and Alignments on the Scillies

Lists of alignments and sites on the Isles of Scilly.
On the right-hand sites list there are links where you can find descriptions of each ancient site.
Scilly Alignments

SC01 Mt Flagon - Gt Ganilly
Mount Flagon menhir  SV 9093 1093
Middle Arthur chambered cairn  SV 939 138
Little Arthur cairn  SV 9413 1389
Great Ganilly cairn  SV 946 146

SC02 White Island - Innisidgen
White Island cairn   SV 924 176
Knackyboy cairn  SV 9235 1586
Innisidgen tumulus  SV 922 126

SC03 Castle Down - Chapel Downs
Castle Down cairn  SV 886 158
Knackyboy cairn  SV 9235 1586
Chapel Downs cairns  SV 942 158
SC04 South Hill - Menawathan
South Hill cairn, Samson  SV 878 124
(Bar Point, St Mary's)
Great Arthur cairn  SV 942 135
Menawathan cairn  SV 9553 1366
SC05 Innisidgen - Chapel Downs
Innisidgen chambered cairn  SV 922 126
Gun Hill cairn  SV 9390 1537
Chapel Downs cairns  SV 942 158

SC06 Innisidgen - Bryher
Innisidgen  SV 922 126
Tresco Abbey  SV 8951 1429
Bryher cairnfield  SV 876 156

SC07 Samson - Bryher
South Hill cairn, Samson  SV 878 124
Works Carn, Samson Hill, Bryher  SV 8781 1410
Tumulus, Bryher cairnfield  SV 876 156
Shipman Head cliff castle SV 876 156
Shipman Head is quite big and long, and the alignment strikes one part of it. South Hill is quite long too, though this line follows its long axis through a few remains on top of it.

SC08 Samson - St Martin's
North Hill cairn, Samson  SV 877 131
?? Tresco (suspected site) SV 8998 1401
Cruther's Hill N cairn, St Martins  SV 9289 1522
Chapel Downs cairns, St Martins  SV 942 158

SC09 Gugh - Bryher
Carn of Works, South Hill, Gugh  SV 89086 08065
North Hill cairns, Samson  SV 877 131
Gweal Hill E mound, Bryher  SV 8716 1492
SC10 Gugh - Gt Ganilly
Obadiah's Barrow, Gugh SV 887 085
Buzza Hill cairn, St Mary's  SV 9059 1037
Middle Arthur N cairn SV 939 138
Great Ganilly C cairn  SV 946 146

SC11 White Island - Gweal Hill
White Island cairn  SV 9224 1762
Castle Down cairn, Tresco SV 886 158
Gweal Hill SE mound  SV 8716 1492
All are chambered cairns.

SC12 Mt Flagon - Knackyboy
Mt Flagon menhir, St Mary's  SV 9093 1093  
Long Rock menhir  SV 914 124
Knackyboy cairn  SV 9235 1586

SC13 Gt Arthur - Gun Hill
Great Arthur N entrance mound SV 942 135
Little Arthur cairns  SV 9413 1390
Gun Hill  SV 9390 1537

SC14 Innisidjen - Gugh
Innisidgen SE chambered cairn SV 922 126
Buzza Hill entrance mound  SV 9059 1037
Clapper of Works cairn, Gugh SV 8902 0794
All chambered cairns.

SC15 Ganilly -  White Island
Great Ganilly NW  cairn  SV 946 146
Gun Hill cairn  SV 9390 1537
White Island cairn  SV 924 176

SC16 Gt Ganilly - Bryher
Great Ganilly C cairn SV 946 146
Tresco Abbey SV 8951 1429
Bonfire Carn, Samson Hill, Bryher SV 8793 1423

SC17 Great Arthur - Knackyboy
Great Arthur N cairn  SV 942 135
Middle Arthur S and C cairns  SV 939 138
Cruther's Hill C cairn  SV 9291 1517  
Knackyboy cairn  SV 9235 1586

SC18 Gweal Hill - Maypole
Gweal Hill cairns, Bryher  SV 8716 1492
Hillside Farm cairn, Bryher SV 878 145
Halangy Lower cairn, St Mary's  SV 911 123
Maypole cairn SV 920 117

SC19 South Hill - Helvear
South Hill C mound, Samson SV 878 124
Bant's Carn chambered cairn SV 910 123
Halangy Lower mound  SV 911 123
Helvear Hill cairn  SV 922 123

SC20 South Hill - Maypole
South Hill S cairn  SV 878 124
Carn Morval Down cairn SV 907 119
Maypole cairn  SV 920 117

SC21 Carn Morval - Gun Hill
Carn Morval NE cairn  SV 9084 1196
Halangy Lower barrow  SV 911 123
Porthloo NE barrow  SV 9152 1280
Gun Hill cairn, St Martin's  SV 9390 1537

SC22 Gun Hill - Samson Hill
Gun Hill cairn, St Martin's  SV 9390 1537
Cruther's Hill C cairn  SV 9291 1517
Works Carn, Samson Hill, Bryher  SV 8781 1410

SC23 Wingletang - Cruther's Hill
Wingletang Down cairnfield, St Agnes SV 883 075
Obadiah's  Barrow, Gugh SV 887 085
Halangy Lower cairn, St Mary's SV 911 123
Cruther's Hill N cairn, St Martin's SV 9289 1522

SC24 St Agnes - Chapel Downs
Periglis Stone menhir, St Agnes  SV 8762 0833
Carn Morval Down cairn, St Mary's  SV 9084 1196
Halangy Lower cairn  SV 911 123
Porthloo W cairn, St Mary's  SV 9151 1276
Chapel Downs cairns, St Martin's  SV 942 158
The only five-site Scilly alignment found.

SC25 Periglis Stone - Bryher cairnfield
Periglis Stone, St Agnes  SV 8762 0833
North Hill S cairn, Bryher SV 877 131
Hillside Farm mound  SV 878 145
Bryher cairnfield  SV 876 156

SC26  South Hill - Chapel Downs
South Hill N cairn, Samson SV 878 124
Cruther's Hill S cairn  SV 9295 1513
Higher Town Bay stone row SV 933 153
Chapel Downs cairns  SV 942 158
Ancient sites

Bant's Carn menhir. SV 9109 1254.  49.933014N  6.306276W. MG. PS.
Bant's Carn Late Stone Age chambered mound. SV 910 123. 49.930816N 6.3073344W. MA. EH.
Bar Point Bronze Age round hut settlement. SV 915 129. 49.936454N  6.300867W. MG. PS.
Bonfire Carn, Bryher, beacon hill. SV 8793 1423. 49.946529N 6.3515475W.
Bryher cairnfield. About 134 Bronze Age cairns. SV 876156. 49.963127N 6.3576497W. MG.
Bryher holed stone. Site of Bronze Age double holed stone, now moved to Tresco Abbey.  SV 8791 1509. 49.954275N 6.3525471W.
Burnt Hill cliff castle.  SV 917164. 49.967948N 6.3008883W.
Buzza Hill entrance mound. SV 9059 1037. 49.913295N  6.3114838W.
Carn Morval Down Neolithic chambered mound. SV 907 119.  49.927072N  6.311182W. MG. PS.
Carn Morval Down Cairn. SV 9084 1196. 49.927683N  6.309285W. MG. PS.
Carn of Works, large chambered mound. SV 8909 0807. 49.891842N 6.3305134W.
Carn Valla, Gugh entrance mound. SV 8886 0845. 49.895179N 6.3339644W
Castle Down Tresco chambered mound. SV886158. 49.960957N  6.343505W. MG.
Castle Down cairnfield Bronze Age cairnfield. SV 8832 1639. 49.966104N 6.3478749W. PS.  
Chapel Downs Cairns and field system. SV 942158. 49.963853N 6.2656495W.
Clapper of Works entrance mound. SV 8902 0794. 49.890688N. 6.3313329W.
Cruther's Hill C entrance mound. SV 9291 1517. 49.957541N 6.2830829W
Cruther's Hill N entrance mound. SV 9289 1522. 49.957979N 6.2834008W
Cruther's Hill S entrance mound. SV 9295 1513. 49.957202N 6.2824950W
Giant's Castle Iron Age cliff castle. SV 9250 1009. 49.911769N 6.2847331W.
Great Arthur Cairns, three entrance mounds. SV 942 135. 49.943225N 6.2638242W.
Great Ganilly Cairns. SV 946 146. 49.953295N 6.2591366W.
Gun Hill cairn. SV 9390 1537. 49.959843N 6.2694789W.
Gweal Hill, Scillonian entrance mound, ruined. SV 8716 1492. 49.952314N 6.3628083W. MG.
Gweal Hill Cairn. SV 87161492. 49.95231N 6.362808W. MG.  
Gweal Hill Kerbed cairn. SV 8716 1492. 49.952314N 6.3628083W. MG.
Halangy Down ancient settlement. SV 911 124.  49° 55' 52.07"" N   6° 18' 18.64" W. MG.
Halangy Lower Chambered cairn. SV 911 123. 49.930866N  6.305945W. MG.
Hanjague marine rock outcrop.
Hellvear Down Bronze Age round cairn. SV 919 126. 49.933970N  6.29507W. MG.
Helvear Farm Bronze Age cairn. SV 922 123. 49.931434N  6.290662W. MG. PS.
Helvear Hill Scillonian chambered cairn. SV923123. 49.931485N  6.289272W. MG. PS.
Higher Town Bay stone row, St Martin's. SV 933 153. 49.958907N 6.2777647W. MG.
Hillside Farm Iron Age cist mound, Bryher, destroyed. Goods found of a unique sword and mirror.  SV 878 145. 49.948881N  6.353573W. MG.
Innisidgen chambered cairns. SV922126.  49°56'0.57"N  6°17'24.18W. WP. MA.
Kittern Hill ancient settlement with cairn cemetery. SV 888 087. 49.897389N 6.3349986W.
Kittern Hill entrance mound. SV 8879 0866. 49.897025N 6.3351052W.
Kittern Hill 2 Cairn. SV 8879 0866.
Knackyboy cairn. SV 92351586. 49.96344N 6.29142W. CF.
Little Arthur cairn group, five cairns. SV 94126 13895. 49.946726N 6.2651641W.
Long Rock menhir. SV 914124.  49.93192N  6.30186W. MG.
Maypole Scillonian chambered mound. SV 920 117. 49.925950N  6.292962W. MG. PS.
Menawathan Cairn. SV 9553 1366. 49.945339N 6.2454660W.
Middle Arthur entrance mound. SV 939 138. 49.945762N 6.2682318W.
Mount Flagon menhir. SV 9093 1093.  49.918493N  6.3072099W. MG.
Nornour ancient village. SV944147. 49.954088N  6.261996W. MG.
North Hill, twelve cairns and entrance mounds. SV 877 131. 49.93611N 6.353256W. MG.
North Hill, Samson, entrance mound. SV 8774 1308. 49.936117N 6.3532567W.   MG.
Obadiah's Barrow Scillonian chambered barrow. SV 887 085.  49°53'41.66"N  6°20'7.38"W. WP. MG. MA.
Old Man of Gugh menhir.  SV 891 084.  49°53'38.99"N   6°19'52.09"W.  MG.
Pendrathen Beach ancient hut circle settlement. SV 914 127. 49.934609N  6.302097W. MG. PS.
Periglis Stone, aka Priest's Rock. Menhir. SV 8762 0833. 49.893456N 6.3510819W.
Porth Hellick Scillonian chambered cairn. SV 929 108. 49°55'3.74"N  6°16'44.01"W. MA.
Porthcressa barrow field - 11 Iron Age cists and other finds. Destroyed, lying underneath housing estate. SV901104. 49.913309N 6.318313W. MG.
Porthloo Bronze Age cairn. SV91511276. 49.935204N 6.300616W. MG. PS.
Porthloo Barrow.  SV91521280. 49.935568N  6.300509W. MG. PS.
Samson Hill, Bryher. Two cairns, possibly chambered. 49.946449N 6.3526041W.
Shipman Head cliff stronghold.   SV876156. 49.958641N 6.357244W. MG. PS.
South Hill, Samson. Prominent hill. SV 891 080.
South Hill, Samson. Four chambered cairns on summit of South Hill.   SV878124. 49.930049N  6.351873W. MG.
St Mary's Church
St Warna's Well. Holy Well. SV 8804 0778. 49.888743N 6.3448077W.
Stone Row, Gugh. SV 88839 08565. 49.896201N. 6.3343501W
Tinkler's Hill. Four cairns on crest of hill.  SV917164. 49.967947N  6.300888W.
Toll's Hill ancient village. SV 928 121. 49.929949N 6.282166W. PS.
Tresco Abbey. A priory church. SV 8951 1429.  49.947906N 6.329584W.
White Island chambered cairn.  SV 924 176.  49.979071N  6.292114W. MG.
White Island entrance mound and five cairns. SV 9224 1762. 49.979169N 6.2943554W.
Wingletang Down. Cairn cemetery, 43 cairns. SV 883 075. 49.886367N 6.3409730W.
Works Carn, Bryher. Scillonian entrance mound, chamber oriented to midsummer solstice sunrise. SV 8781 1410. 49.945301N 6.3531099W.

The Isles of Scilly from Carn Boel
Sometimes, when the tide is low and certain atmospheric conditions prevail,
it appears as if the Scillies are rising out of the sea.
This photo is taken from Carn Boel, just south of Land's End.
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