Key to the Online Maps of West Cornwall - Ancient Penwith | Cornwall

West Penwith, Cornwall
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End peninsula
Ancient Penwith
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End Peninsula
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Key to the Online Maps of West Cornwall

Key to the symbols and colours used on the Ancient Sites & Alignments maps of West Cornwall.

The alignments maps show ancient site alignments ('leylines'), and not dowsed energy-lines.
It shows all of the known ancient sites in Cornwall west of Truro and Newquay.
Click any site or alignment on the map for an information popup.
Follow the links on the popups for more information about the sites or alignments.
Ancient Sites
Stone circles
Quoits (dolmens)
Menhirs (existing)
Menhirs (queried or gone)
Stone Rows
Stone Rows
Neolithic Tor Enclosures
Hill Forts
Hill Camps (hillforts)
Hill Enclosures
Cliff Castles
Cliff Sanctuaries (cliff castles)
Prominent Headlands

Carns (outcrops & tors)
Wells and Springs
Wells & Springs
Prehistoric Settlements
(bronze and iron ages)
Early Churches
Early & Medieval churches
Christian Crosses
Early & Medieval Crosses
Holed Stones
Placed Stones
Oriented Stones
Natural Rocks & Outcrops
Chambered Cairns
Cairns Barrows and Tumuli
Neolithic Long Barrows
Neolithic Long Barrows
Possible Sites

Backbone alignments (involving neolithic tors and cliff sanctuaries)

Other long-distance alignments across the region

Main local alignments
Lesser local alignments

Quoit alignments in Penwith &
barrow alignments in the Lizard

Alignments on Scilly and
the Lamorna plateau

Stone circle radials and
near-parallel alignments in Scilly

National and international alignments (eg. Michael and Apollo Lines)

Orientations of double menhirs
All alignments are accurate to within three metres (five metres in a few cases). In most cases they contain four or more points (with a few exceptions), accurately aligned.

All alignments have been triple-checked. If you find errors or have amendments or something to add, get in touch!

When an alignment passes near a significant site but more than five metres from it, the site is noted in parentheses in the alignment notes on the map, but it is not counted as a validating point on the alignment.
Azimuths. In the info popup for each alignment (click on it) and in the alignments list, azimuths are given like this: AZ=84.6°. These show the alignment's orientation, measured in degrees from due north in a clockwise direction. For the opposite azimuth, add 180°. These azimuths apply only to a level horizon.
Useful books:

The Old Stones of Land's End, John Michell, Garnstone Press, 1974, ISBN 978-0855113704. Out of print.
Belerion, Craig Weatherhill, Alison Hodge, 1981, ISBN 978-0906720011. Out of print.
Ancient Sites in West Penwith, Cheryl Straffon, Meyn Mamvro, ISBN 978-0951885901.
Cornovia - ancient sites of Cornwall and Scilly, Craig Weatherhill, Halsgrove, 2011, ISBN 978-1841147482.
The Romance of the Stones, Robin Payne & Rosemarie Lewsey, Alexander Associates, 1999, ISBN 899526-66-8. Out of print.
Carn Lês Boel
Carn Les Boel
Mulfra Quoit
Mulfra Quoit
Mên an Tol
Men an Tol
Mên Scryfa and Carn Galva
Men Scryfa and Carn Galva
Brane chambered cairn
Brane chambered cairn
Gurnard's Head
Gurnard's Head
Carn Galva from Zennor Hill
Carn Galva from Zennor Hill
Boscawen-ûn stone circle
Ballowall Barrow
Ballowall Barrow, near St Just
Bosiliack Barrow
Bosiliack neolithic barrow
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