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Ancient Penwith
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End peninsula
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Ancient West Penwith | Cornwall
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Welcome to the Ancient Penwith blog and notes section!

As the MAP project has unfolded, many details, thoughts and issues have come up, and they are being logged here, for public interest and also to generate further investigation or contributions by others.

These are not comprehensive - they're just details that have come up along the way. Also, some interesting notes from the CASPN Facebook page and other sources are included, to store them for future use.

If you would like to contribute to this blog, you may either make a comment or contact Palden by e-mail with your thoughts for posting on the blog. The blog is moderated and edited, to optimise valuable information and filter out general chatter and diversions (though you might get an answer or reply when relevant).

michael fletcher
2015-09-19 00:16:14
Hi, This is a fantastic idea and id love to be involved, but im in Yorkshire so it's not really practical. Just wanted to show my support and appreciation of what you're doing. I have had similar ideas for a North York Moors / Noth Yorks project but time and funding constraints are holding it up. Local projects like this are a great way of collecting information to help introduce people to the subject and help preserve what we've still got, as well as furthering understanding etc. So good luck ( feel free to edit this out with the 'general chatter' !
Palden Jenkins
2015-09-19 09:21:39
Hello Michael

Thanks for your e-mail. Yes, N Yorks is too far unless you're a pilot with a healthy bank account! It's 3-4 hours to Penwith even just from Bristol.

Funding is tricky unless you find an individual who understand the mission, or a trust administrator who's feeling unusually innovative or generous. I've been doing this without funding, in spare time. This has its problems but it also allows freedom of action (since most funders seek specific outcomes within stated timeframes).

I can give some advice and encouragement from down here if needed. We're blessed down here with a concentration of folks interested in these things, which helps, but I'm sure there must be a few up there too.

Good luck with your project, if you start it, and keep me posted!

Best wishes, Palden

Map of Ancient Penwith:
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